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I am interested in trading my 98-01 Extreme body kit bumpers (not side skirts) for 98-01 2 door OEM front and rear bumpers that are in immaculate condition (preferably white or a light color but I'll take whatever as long as they're in excellent shape). I paid $780 for the entire body kit. My front bumper is urethane and the back bumper is fiberglass. Both bumpers are painted Championship White. The only catch is that I don't have any bumpers to drive around with on my car while yours is being shipped to me and mine are being shipped to you, etc. so all I ask for is that we make arrangements to meet in my town to trade so you gotta live a reasonable driving distance from Lake Charles, Louisiana (Located directly off I-10) which is about 45 min East of Beaumont, Tx and an hour West of Lafayette, La.) Pretty good deal I think. You're basically spending gas money for this $780 kit (pending on how far away you live). That and you'll need side skirts.

If you are interested or know someone with a stock 98-01 2 door Integra that would be interested, E-mail me at [email protected] OR you can contact me by AIM on the name "sparklintegra".

Here are some pictures of my car:

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