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98-01 Integra Grille Help

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i have a 2000 4DR Integ and i don't like the lower front bumper (black grille) anybody have any suggestions on aluminum grilles? any links or pictures would help
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i don't like grille craft :(
Doh! Well, you can try Ebay. People sell aluminum grills on there for like $6. Must be some cut it yourself crap. Why don't you like grillcraft?
Go to home depot, buy some stucco mesh (comes in a big sheet of 3' by 8') for like 4 bucks.... cut it urself and save all that money you would have spent on grillcraft. Its not hard to do, my friend put some that i sold him in his talon and the hardest part was ripping the bumper off
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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