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Oh. So this means that in reality any clutch and flywheel will do just fine for my car. Cause I have lots of plans for my car; such as adding DC headers, Greddy Exhausts, and perhaps buy a new Fujita Intake System. Might aswell just buy a stage1 clutch; Im hoping that does the job

i have the same stuff on my accord and then sum; and im getting a factory honda clutch.....everyone wants a stage whatever to be "cool" unless your doing seriouse mods then its pointless and the aftermarket clutch dont or normally dont last anywhere near the factory clutch....

a few kids ive seen around did that... a couple opted for stage 1, and a couple stage 2 one wrx opted for stage 3 and all were putting in new clutchs anywhere from 15k-45k later.....maybe bad mechanics or products i dont know but cant just be coinsidence.....

if your not rich, id go with the factory oem clutch
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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