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Was your stock clutch holding? Resurface the flywheel and get a close to stock compound. Lighter flywheel will actually make you slower unless you are racing road courses and need the motor to change revs fast to shifts. Losing the rotational mass will actually slow down your normal acceleration. Also going with a meaner compound clutch can make daily driving a drag(speaking as someone who was daily driving a double plate carbon clutch). Chatter, increased NHV, and a bite from hell. Trying to leave a light nicely with a cop sitting next to you is fun. An exedy organic is a great daily driver replacement. Slightly increased bite with soft pedal feel and smooth engagement. ACT Stage 1 has a super heavy pedal and likes to chatter a bit. Anything over "Stage 1" and you get into nasty territory.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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