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I have a 95 acura integra RS for sell. It has 111,xxx on the chassie, and the motor unknow, It is a b18a1. The only thing wrong with the car is it has a bad starter, and the 3rd gear is gone. The car has a gsr tranny.

The reason I say Its 98% is because i have a hondata s100 in the car. In order to take that out I have to take the injectors (880cc). Also have to take the 3 bar map sensor. So thats all you need to make the car run. I can get the ecu back, after I unchip it. I am also taking the oil/boost gauge, and exhaust. with that said

3400.00 as w/out ecu
3700.00 w/ ecu

I'm in las vegas and the car can be driven.

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