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99 accord door lock

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A newbie to this forum and I need help or advise. My car was burglarized and lately installed an alarm with remote power door locks. Now my problem is that the driver side door responds to the remote and the rest of the doors do not.Manually all door works fine (rolling up n down), and they don't respond to the master switch lock. Any advise please?
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my car has the same problem with not responding to the master door look switch. I have no idea what the problem is though, I guess the controller is fried on mine, but I would check the fuse if there is one, that might be the problem for ya. If not, the new box is about 300 bucks I think, and for that, I'll just lean around my car and pull up/push down the nobs as required for unlocking/locking the doors :D
Did you install the alarm yourself? You should have tapped into the lock on the passengers side lock wire as using the drivers side has a diode inline with it that is used for the priority unlocking on the stock RKE.
Mine has the problem,too, and i never thought it's troublesome.
NO do not buy anything just yet, I have the answer for you cuz I had that problem before but I need to give u the link that I have at home and I'm writing this from my phone! But if u have time you can go on my previous post and it's under electrical problem! Hope that helps but I'll be posting the answer a little later when I get home from work!
Ok im home now,

Here, there you go it looked like if it was bull but it works.

there a link in the last post. I hope this helps you if not then goodluck finding another answer.

Edit: heres how to do it

The fix is simple. With the ignition off, set the intermittent wiper control to the middle position, then turn the car on. This resets the brain and gets things back to normal. So ...

Ignition switch off.
Intermittent wiper set to middle position.
Ignition back on.
Back in business!
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hey just out of curiosity did that work for anybody? well let me know if anybody tried it.
I think the best way you can do is to take your car to where the alarm is installed.
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