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A/C placement

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I am looking to buy this 94 Integra from a guy down here in Florida. It has a 2.0L VTec, and I assume it is a b20. It has a Garret turbo with an intercooler. He took out the air conditioner for the extra hp, except I want it back in since I live in Florida. I took it to an AC shop and they were concerned about the effects of the heat on the A/C unit. I was wondering if any of you came into these problems, or if the A/C still works fine. Do they make an offset kit or heatshield, or anything like that to get it away from the turbo?

Thanks for the help
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i've seen some turbo'd tegs with the a/c still intact. sometimes they wrap the a/c hoses with some kind of heat resistant material.
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