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A few questions on EMS.

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This Wednesday I'm getting my custom turbo set up off of CorporalJeff. He is a mod in the Tech forum at JDM universe. The setup consist of a ported STD manifold, Nissan 300zx T3 turbo with an internal wastegate set at 7psi, A starion BOV, a 3" custom downpipe, and all the oil and coolant lines neccessary. Now the question is engine management. I plan on using the internal wastegate for now and intercooling it to 6psi. What types of managment should I look into. What injectors, fuel pump, fpr, and a form of EMS should i look into. I just want to run 6psi daily without the possibilities of detonation or engine failure. Your comments will be greatly appreciated
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Nobody wants to share there opions or comments.
Someone has to know.
300zx's came with dual garrett t-22's.. whered you get t3 from?

So your trying to tell me this is a T-22:p .
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Read this quote I found at

Long time favorite Garrett style T-3 can be found in great numbers at Turbo City. These units are required on Ford, Buicks, Chrysler, Mecedes Benz, Nissan and Volvo. Turbo City serves you the best.
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