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A Few Turbo Questions

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I plan on getting an LS engine and putting a turbo on it. This is a while off though because I want to learn more about them. So, onto the questions... Turbos can have their boost adjusted, right? How is this done? It it mechanically controlled, computer controlled, something else? Can the boost be adjusted on the fly, like when I'm driving down the road? Are there really all of those maintenance issues I've heard of? The car has to be run for a couple minutes to get the oil flowing and whatnot? I know turbos have gotten a lot better since the old days so I want to make sure I'm not being influenced by myths caused by old turbo technology. Also, I've heard turbos can increase fuel milage. The is probably only on low PSI, right? Any dispelled myths will be appreciated or a good online FAQ you know of would be great. Thanks.
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The myths that you have heard are just that...myths.

Turbo maintenence issues are the same as regular cars, just do them on time, and you will be fine. Boost can be adjusted while driving, by a manual or electronic boost controller. It is quite simple.

For a good turbo FAQ...I would plug another site, but it has been blocked by you can check out my website (see sig) for a huge turbo tech guide on the Specnicalities page.
Thanks. I'll check it out.
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