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heres what hes emailed me.

I am not experienced with hondas. A friend of mine has a 1999 Honda Prelude type SH. Apparently that stands for super handling, but I say the car is super gay. Recently, the car started getting all sorts of codes. P0300 (general misfire) P0301 (cyl 1 misfire) P0302 (cyl 2 misfire) P0303 (cyl 3 misfire) P0304 (cyl 4 misfire) and P1399 (no fuckin idea). The P1399 was pending when I scanned it today, and all the others were active. The car has a funky idle. Kinda does feel like it has a misfire. When you hold the gas pedal down slightly to raise the RPMS up to about 1,500, it runs perfectly. When driving the car around, it runs perfectly. When you come to a stop light or stop sign, then it gets the funky idle. It also has a rough starting issue. Cranks over longer then normal.

So I unhooked the battery and let it sit awhile. I was first going to locate and clean the MAF sensor, only to find it doesn't have one. I took off the distributor cap only to find its spotless inside there, along with the rotor. The wires are brand new along with the spark plugs (NGK's).

The owner of the car has a lot of dumbass friends that keep having her throw random ass parts at the car and nothing they recommended worked. The car DID need a tuneup, so I can agree with the plugs/wires/cap/rotor, but some of her friends said to try o2 sensors.... (wtf? it doesnt have a lean/rich issue). The thing that throws me off is aside from the CEL, there is another warning light illuminated on the dash that says "ATTS". I googled it and it stands for Active Torque Transfer System. I have no idea what it is other then it actively transfers the torque, but I don't see why the car would get a misfire then suddenly have a malfunction with a torque transfer system. My take on all this is the car may need at minimum a fuel filter ($25 bucks) and MAYBE a fuel pump. Seems like its starving for fuel with the long cranking on startup. I don't have a fuel psi gauge to test line pressure to confirm my theory.

After hooking the battery back up, the car did run better. The CEL and ATTS light was off and it seemed to be idling pretty decent, but that can still change a day from now. What do you guys recommend? Anyone know Hondas?

BTW the car is 100% stock right down to the air filter, has about 130k miles and other then this crap the car is in great shape. :confused
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