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A gaggle of questions that need some thought

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Ok first off, it no longer seems that my car is in a class by itself among the imports of my local scene. This weekend I ran into a 4th gen hatch w/ turbo LS and a 5th gen CX hatch w/ GS-R, boltons, 75 shot......These cars didn't dissapear fast anough in my rear-view so now i'm out for blood. I'm currently [email protected] 9lbs. I'm wanting to bump up to 14lbs. If you have questions on my setup take a look in my here, it's all there.

1988 CRX HF
Base weight -- 1816 lbs
14" Mitsubishi mirage rims (light weight)
195/50/14 Kumo's
10.3" Integra front brakes
Stock Suspension
Stock 17mm front sway bar
JDM / ITR style rear tailing arms

1991 B18A1
1995 B18B cams, valve springs, retaineres
Fidanza Cam gears
Skunk2 Intake manifold

ClutchNet Stage 2 clutch kit
1993 USDM YS1 transmission(LS)

Modified DRAG III turbo kit for a 94+ LS integra
Turbonetics T3/T04E .54A/R Stage III wheel
Spearco front mount I/C
Tial 35mm wastegate
HKS Super Sequential BOV
XS manual boost controller
DSM 450cc injectors
Custom oil return line made from hydraulic line
Custom closed loop dupe tube system

Zdyne SECU Gold(standalone engine management system)
MSD Blaster Coil
MSD Pro cap
Accel 8.8mm wires
NGK plugs
Autometer Boost, Water temp, Oil pressure, A/F gauges
Greddy turbo timer
Flex-a-lite slim line cooling fan
2.25" Custom exhaust
Focuz Highflow cat


Question 1) If I run 14lbs will pump gas be suffiecent, or will I need a can of octane booster per tank. As it is It only takes about $10 to fill my car with the premium stuff, so $3 extra for booster isn't that outrageous.

Question 2) How friendly will 14lbs be to my internals given my current setup, i'm in no hurry to build/rebuild an engine at this point.

Question 3) Should I switch to a large exhuast to realize some power gains, and upgrade my stock, blown-ass suspension I order to compensate for my newly found power......

Question 4) Could I boost more than 14lbs w/o a build-up, if so then how so? Water injection, dead on tuning, etc......

Any and all info welcome, thanx guys

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1) What is your compression ratio?
2) What are you willing to spend?

My car runs 18 psi on pump gas with 9.5:1 compression with no problem. But, if you want to really run the boost up on pump gas, you will need to go with a programmable engine management system. Octane boosters are a waste of money. They only bump your true octane rating by a fraction of a point.
The stock LS compression ratio is 9.2:1. I'm also running a Zdyne SECU, which is a fully programmable standalone EMS.
If you have relatively low compression (which you do) and a fully programmable system, then the only limit (up to 18-20 psi) is going to be the amount of hp/torque the stock motor will take reliably, esp. if you can run your fuel pressure up as high as you need. 14 psi will be no problem in terms of engine management.

I don't know your motor well enough to give you a firm answer as to the limits of the stock internals, but if you are serious about dialing up the boost, you should start saving up for a built short block, as it is inevitable in the quest for power. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, you will want to really run the boost up..........

Good luck with your project.
Short, sweet, to the point, and informative. Thanx NSX. I'm hearing from other places that between 12~14 is about the max I run.......
i got an idea for you... i know traction is an issue... how about getting new front tires/rims... that could help you out a lot...
Dyno your car and adjust everything for 14psi... If you want to go even faster do a LS/V setup with what you have and then Dyno the car to make the VTEC kick in as soon as the Turbo Spools up and with the Fuel system make sure the car is much richer if you want to run 14psi... Just 3 days ago i came back from the Dyno and a LS/V with 15psi and HonData system and some minor ignition mods with stock and i mean bone stock internals got 395 Hp to the wheels...

Its kinda funny b/c just today i found out he blew his rings.. so his car is back in the shop... I will suggest some pistons and rings... I believe he is rebuilding a new LS/V motor for the turbo... with his new block he will be able to put out 459-500 Hp to the wheels...
Good luck..
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