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A few tips to survive the SHO Off Topic:

Threads and Posts: Please try to remain on topic as much as possible in the more serious threads in the forum. Refrain from posting one word posts aka post whoring as much as possible. Unnecessary flaming, hate, post whoring, domestic vs import wars, and post count threads will be locked, if needed, they will be deleted. If your thread has been deleted or locked, please DO NOT make a thread asking where your thread has gone, instead, please PM the forum moderator's who will be more then happy to assist with your inquiries. Do not start threads to another member instead use the PM (Private Message) function located in your user CP to ask them questions or tell them something. Any threads which have nudity or partial nudity should be kept to sextopic or label the thread title with a *NWS* warning, keep in mind a lot of members do browse from work and it'd be nice to have a little warning before clicking on the thread. Lastly, when starting a new thread, be sure to label your thread accordingly, if you make an error in the title you can either delete it and try again or get one of the forum moderators to change it for you to avoid confusion and reposts.

Signatures/Avatar do's and don'ts: Currently, women in signatures are prohibited on this site due to a high number of members browsing at school or at work, as well as there may be minors on the site that shouldn't be viewing such content, if you do decide to put a woman in your signature you will be warned, signature will be removed, and to the extent of losing signature priviledges if you do not cooperate. DO feel free to put your cars in your signatures, SHO is a car site and strongly supports vehicles of all sorts here. DO NOT make your signatures too big, signatures that are too big take a long time to load, keep in mind not everyone is running a high speed connection and it takes a while for them. An example for an ideal signature size is below, note that this is an ideal size you could make it a little bigger but nothing too huge.

Advertising: Do not advertise on SHO without the consent of Mike_Sho.
mike_sho said:
My rules for sigs are, if its your own personal website use your profile to add the website into. Not the signature, because that gets searched over and over and is repetitive.
But Im not actively seeking people with local forums in their signatures.
It would be nice though to have a formal setup with whatever website you are advertising/promoting/representing/etc. So maybe contact the admin and see what can be done.
Otherwise we are open to really any website being posted on this site, if something is setup and we get the same on theirs.
Im just not really into letting people spam.
Advertising can come in many forms, in signatures, by linking to stories or just starting a thread to check out your own site, this behaviour is not tolerated in the forum without permission from an admin. If you would like to see what SHO has to offer for advertising please check out the following link: SuperHonda Advertising Page

How to guide for posting images: Follow this link for an easy step by step guide to upload and post images in threads with SHO's very own photohosting with 10mb of FREE picture hosting for each member.
Photopost Tutorial: How to Upload and Share your Photos On the Internet - Honda Forum / Acura Forum -

The low down on Rep points: Everyone always wonders, what are rep points? Look below for a quick explaination of the 3 different rep points you may receive or give to others.
This is a positive rep point, rewarded to those that have helped you in a positive manner.

This is a neutral rep point, usually given by new members with little or no posts or rep points of their own.

This is a negative rep point, not frequently used by many, but it is a way of letting someone know you disagree with them or if they have given you bad advice, etc.

And remember, DO NOT BEG or ASK for rep points, members will reward you with a point of their choice if they see fitting.

The other parts of OT: There are currently 9 subforums in OT, electronics (with 3 subforums: games, computers, and home theater), anime, r/c & model, music, movies/tv, sports & recreation, food & recipe, EQ (with 1 subforum: sextopic), and lastly the Off Topic Archive.

To help minimize wrongly placed threads and to get the best answers for a question, please make sure you post your threads in the correct subforum. If a thread is found in the wrong subforum, a Moderator will either move or close that thread, so help us keep the forum clean and also better your chances for the correct and accurate answers.

Lastly, the forgotten Search function: Please use this function before posting to avoid making a thread that has been posted already. If there is an existing thread on the topic you'd like to discuss please feel free to add to it before making a new one that covers the exact same content as the other.

And now some advice from your fellow SHO members:

digink said:
Speak your mind, call people out, keep it funny, keep it fun, don't get emotional, don't complain 24/7, and keep an open mind at all times.
civic1784 said:
Don't take anything seriously,
Don't be an attention whore,
and most importantly, when someone calls you a n00b, don't get offended because, unless you're OG, you probably are.
misterjover said:
To all the noobs: Explore all sections. Don't just whore in the OT... try to spread out the whorage in EQ, sextopic, movies and tv, etc. Plus, remember that visuals are good to include in new threads if you're going to post a new thread... pics of cars, auto parts...
Don't take people too seriously. Don't be offended by insults, comments, constructive criticism, etc. Just relax, kick back, and thank God that some of these crazy pervs are thousands of miles away sitting at their computers.
Also, use common sense and don't be afraid to make new friends. Visit the regional sections and get involved with local sho meets so that you know that some of these people actually have lives outside of sho.
Plus, have fun and visit the video section and the photo galleries to see photos of sho members and so forth.
weKILLyou said:
atleast try to help the site in some way or going in to the tech sections and answering questions (that you actually know about!)
also, dont think anyone on here is gonna be you're new bestfriend......its the internet.
Nguyen said:
Give respect and you'll get it back.
04Coupe said:
and if you are going to make a sig. puleeze make it small....... :)
tofuspeedstar said:
SHO Slang Dictionary - Honda Forum / Acura Forum -
Refer to this when trying to figure out all the slang used on here.
///M3ssican said:
say what you want, but it's not always what we need to hear
Well, I hope this has cleared up some of your confusion and questions about what goes on around here. Enjoy your stay at SHO, and don't be afraid to PM any of the forum moderators with any further questions you may have.

SH Staff

***Big thanks to 5genlude and members of SHO for helping me put this all together***
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