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niskyspy said:
its abs but I dont think it will make a difference
abs systems are designed to stop the wheels from locking up during a hard stop. When the abs module gets a signal from the wheel speed sensor that a wheel is locking up under braking it sends a signal to the HCU (hydralic control unit) to bleed some brake pressure from the afflicted wheel cylinder or caliper piston. This causes a pulsating feel comming from the brake pedal when applied and also a slight clicking sound may be heard do to the HCU solenoids opening and closing the isolation/dump valves inside the mechanism. It depends on how hard you are pressing on the brakes. A warped rotor may be the cause as well (and in this case you may have a steering wheel that shudders like it saw anna nicole smith naked!) but bfor you buy a new one get the rotor minimum thickness specs and use a digital micrometer to get the acutal specs, and if they are ok to be machined, take them in (cheaper than new rotors.) brakes are a lot more complex than people may think. DONT REPLACE ANY PART OF YOUR BRAKE SYSTEM SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU DONT YET UNDERSTAND HOW ABS WORKS!!!
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