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niskyspy said:
its for my mom's mazda 626 (which is the shittyest car in the world). Well when I press on the brakes the pedal pulsates back and forth and it does it until the car stops. After this thing started I changded pads and flushed the system now the only thing I think might do it is the disks but I dont know if I am right. So if you know whats wrong with this junky car please tell.

One more question, if it is disks can I just buy them from Autozone and put them on or do I need to bring disks down to a shop do get them surfased?

Thank you

(Sorry that I posted it in the Civic Tech but the reason why I did it is because my lockal forum got hacked and now for the last 3 days admins are trying to fix it)
do this...change the rotors...whenever u do new pads always resurface or change the rotor if ur original one is out of specs. and clean and adjust the rear shoes if u have a rear drum setup and den bleed all around. you should be ok den
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