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Everytime i go to the races people are doing donuts and burnouts and i have not a clue on how to do them can someone put me on on how i can achieve good burn outs and donuts i heard about pullin the e brake but when i try it i stall....need help someone plz reply
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i shouldn't even be replying to this, but...

a doughnut, you really need rear wheel drive... only hondas i know with rear wheel are S2000, and NSX...

a burnout however, yank your e-brake while stopped, rev up to like 5000 rpm and drop the clutch/ shift to drive depending on what tranny you have.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND either of these stupid antics, but you asked.
AHHAHAHA..donuts with an will be my day when i see one
or go into a big parking lot in the winter when there is ice and snow and do them backwards. that way your car is rear wheel drive
ive seen a guy on tv do a doughnut with an integ....i think it was a documentary on car jackers
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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