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? about fuel pressure regulators

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what is the level of difficulty on installing one of these? any brand names you guys can suggest? also, are there any other mods i would need to work with the FPR besides a air/fuel gauge?

thanks - J
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Just makes sure you unhook the battery terminal and release the fuel pressure.

A fuel pressure regulator gauge would come in handy as well.

Heres a couple of links:
How to install Adj. Fuel Pressure Regulator
How to install Fuel pressure gauge

The links should give all the help you need, I am currently using a B&M FPR and Fluid-filled FP gauge
Hey Jayman, just curious as to why you have a fluid-filled fpg? What is the advantage to having that option?

It is said to give a more accurate reading of the PSI, as well as prolong the life of the gauge
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Cool! What brand of guage is that in the picture?
It was made by a local shop, called AutoLink in Temple City.CA

Here their website:

They're a pretty reputable shop...fetured in a couple Mags, and their car's are pretty famous around here.If youre intersted I can pick one up for ya.
How much do they usually run ($)? Do they have color options since they make their own?

I don't have any money to buy one right now since I'm saving and am currently going for my masters in civil engineering. But when I do start my project car, I would probably be interested.
$70, and its just this color available at the shop, last time i was there.

autolink isn't the only manufacturer of this fluid filled FPR, you could find other manufacturers, hence, the possibility of other colors.
That is way cheap compared to Greddy which is ~$300 for the same degree of accuracy but without fluid.
hey Jayman320 i just purchase the b&m fuel pressure regulator is it accurate? the installation doesn't look to hard. people say that this regulator will leak eventually because many people has been face with this problem. IMO they went wrong in the installation. my question is how long will this last?
I havent had any problems with my FPR. As long as you use the new gaskets supplied and lubricant, everything should go well.
I installed my own B&M FPR and gauge. The FPR works just fine, no leaks so far either.
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