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Alright I know this is not exactly a prelude problem but i got a honda too so i hope you guys can help me with any tips or anything, just thought id give you guys a try to see if anyone could help, i got a 94 civic EX, stock, just AEM CAI, 2 inch exhaust,

when the ABS light comes on, there is no problem with the brakes when the light is on, it brakes fine, but seems like the abs is not working...

when the ABS light goes off, then i drive it and everytime when i slow down to about 5mph, it gives me a one second of rattle in my brake feels like the brake padel is hitting back at me back and fourth and then it catches brake does it over and over everytime i try to slow down when the ABS light is not on...

right now the ABS light is on about 70% of the time and the ABS light goes off about 30% of the time...

any suggestions??? thanks in advance
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