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Hi everyone!

I'm beginning to think about upgrading my car and buying a 2003 Accord (160HP 4cyl 2.4). My calculations indicate I should have 3500$ left for a bit of tuning.

I'm not rolling at tremendous speeds, so I do not need much power. I make lots of kilometers in a year so I do not want a mod that will increase much gaz's consumption (The reason I prefer a 4cyl version). Since I'm new at tuning, I would need your help telling me if something is wrong with what I am willing to buy ;-)

So there you go:
-Clutch kit for about 450$
-Mid-Weight flywheel à 300$
-Air intake (short) 180$
-Suspensions 800$
-Kit break rotor+pad+line 500$
-Rest for the look

I heard there is a chip you can put on the computer which has many profiles (Economy/performance). I am very interested, anyone has more infos about this?

Do we need to change calipers when we change for perf breaks?

Is it possible to change suspensions for harder one without lowering it? I still have to go in campaign roads sometimes...

Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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