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accord 99' Computer problem, or is it?

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I have 99 accord Automatic that was Flooded, its all dried up now, but when i go to turn on the car it tries to turn on but then i have to put the switch off, and i have to wait for the check engine light to come on, then the car turns on, antoher problem is that when i'm at a full stop, my experiences has lead me to believe that when i take my foot of the brakes, the car should roll forward some, it doesn't if on a small hill, it even rolls back, When i get ready to acellerate to go, i have to press the gas for liek 3 seconds before it gets going...THe computer was wet, I got a nother computer from another accord, i plugged it in, And turned the switch it didnt' wanna turn on, i think its cause of the Key chip, doe my car have that ??? what should I do??? the Speed ometer doesn't work ethier...i dont' care abotu tat though, i just want the engine to Work properly.....YOOO I know its alot of Shiit, but I know ya Accord heads can handle this, write back, my email is
[email protected]

-Stuck w/ broke computer
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