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accord forum picture gallery

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Here are the rules of the thread: only pictures. If the pictures go bad over time, they'll be deleted. If you have a quesiton about a car, PM the owner. If you need to edit a post, PM me or one of the other moderators. If it is because the old pics went dead, just make a new post and the old post will probably get deleted in the next few days.

The pictures from imagestation do not show up unless you right click, select properties. Then copy that url into a new window and it will load.
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I used 2 be on this board....until it went down for I dunno how long..and now I'm back....

here are a few somewhat recent pics. i will have more after i install my Teins.

i have more pics on webshots here is the link
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Here's mine. I'm just starting on it though. So far it's only been lowered with Eibach springs and Tokiko Blue struts.
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one day i will upload these, in the meantime:
86 accord

88 accord

91 accord

both 3rd gen accord run 15s so they can take care of themselves:cool:
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Here are new pics of my (lowered) car:

Michellin Pilot 215/50/R17
Mille Milegia Action rims
H& R Sport Springs (1.5 in. front, 1.2 in. back)

Future Installation: fog lights
i know, not much done, but i only had it for a month,
'91 accord EX

that's it for now, and the link, My f'd up car, is not mine, my car is just in his book,
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goto member's rides
tha blue accord
My Car

I dont think it worked last time so here goes.

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1 - 20 of 854 Posts
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