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Must Read For ALL Accord Forum Users
Here are just a few rules that we ask you guys to please follow so we can keep the board running smoothly

1. Before you post a question, please check out the FAQ's Thread located below and use the SEARCH button. You'll find that most questions have already been answered.

1b. If a newbie asks a question that you think has been covered, provide them with the proper links to the topic before yelling at them.

2. Anti-SHO sentiment will not be tolerated. Offenders on SHO will be warned first, banned second, and ip's will be logged.

3. Respect all SHO users. No bashing, racial slurs, sexual comments, name calling, etc.

4. If you have something to say to another member, PM them. Don't use the board as your personal instant messenger.

5. All pictures are to be posted in the "Accord Forum Picture gallary." If not, they will be moved/deleted. Pictures of porn in the forum or in signatures will be deleted. Pictures of scantly clad women in signatures will be asked to be removed, then removed by staff if need be. If the pics go back up, a ban will be placed on your account.

6. No Classifieds ad's in this forum. They all will be moved to Classifieds forum promptly or deleted. Truely unique items will be given consideration.

7. Constant one word posts (cool, hehe, lol, oh, ie -- post whoring), "In Before the Lock" posts, pointless threads, flame/hate threads, threads/posts glorifying post whoring, "ttt" posts, and threads written in all CAPS; will either be locked or deleted depending on the content.

8. Threads that will NOT be tolerated: Car x vs. Car y, kill stories, HP estimates, 0-60/1/4 mile estimates(there is a seperate forum for this), threads relating to rice, and For sale threads.

9. Advertising: NO advertising will be tolerated unless approved by mike_sho. To persue advertising on SH please contact Mike at the following email address: [email protected]

10. Watch your Thread Titles: the thread title should be just that- a title. Here's an example of a very good thread title. Link

11. When writing tech information, do not link to other forums. Rather, copy and paste the information, then cite the source.

12. Information about car-meets and questions pertaining to the legality of modifications should be posted in the regional forum.

13. If you speak English, type like you do. Nobody likes reading a post that looks like a 3 year old wrote it.

14. Posts glorifying street racing or other illegal activities will not be tolerated

Violation of rules can result in, but not limited to: the closing of threads, deletion of threads, and banishment from forums.
This list is your first warning. Any subsequent warnings are because of our good graces and are not required. Swift enforcement of any rule violation can occur at any given time.

Thanks guys and welcome to our Accord forum, enjoy! :)

Accord Forum Moderators,

cryogen, street_accord94, h22lude

P.S. Moderators reserve the right to modify and/or add additional items to above list at anytime. Such additions or modifications will be done without prior consent or notification to forum members.
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