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Have 88 accord that shakes violently through steering wheel, dash and floorboard when idling; especially with a/c clutch engaged. Also after a prolonged warm up ( choke remaining on too long) maintains very high 2000+ idle speed. Have recently replaced ignitor (it quit and wouldn't run) and coil. Ignitor tested ok. Also, car ran hot. (not enough for damage except to a rotten hose) Thermostat was replaced, but old one tested ok(in pan of water). Does all this point to engine temp coolant sensor, distributor prob. or none of the above. (?backfire valve)

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it could me a wide variety of problems..

Clean the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
Clean the air filter
Clean the injectors
Change the spark plugs
Change the fuel filter
Clean the Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) connector
Clean the Throttle Bodies
Clean the detonation sensor connector
Clean the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAS) connector
Induce turbulence in the air intake
Clean the coolant temperature connector
Change/add coolant
Clean intake valves

if that doesn't work... the problems could be coming from the following. hesistation and rough idle is really really hard to cure.

Worn or defective spark plugs
PCV hose air leak
Air flow meter
Intake valve deposit
Exhaust gas sensor
carbon canister
fuel pressure
fuel pressure regulator
injector circuits
ignition coil and circuits
Transistor ignition unit
ECU harness connector
ECU power supply & ground
AAC valve
Air regulator
clogged idle screw
Temp sensor
Temp sensor connector
Throttle position sensor
Idle switch
Cone Air filter
Crank angle sensor
Fuel temp sensor
Speed sensor
Incorrect timing belt installation
Crank Angle sensor and circuits
Ignition Timing

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just take it to a local diagnostics guy. if you live in the nyc area i can recommend one
me and my friend have accords 9 years apart...told the guy in a matter of minutes our particular probs with idling...he pointed each out with no prob

don't guess...just take it somewhere
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