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Accord Short Shift kits, any good ones?

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I had a B&M short shift kit in my 2000 Ex 5spd coupe. I removed the kit after installing the 6disc indash and new centerconsole. I got tired of the shift kit hitting the boot and console. B&M said to cut the console. Hell no! I would have had to remove a lot to make the kit clear screw that.

Does anyone have a SS kit they like in their car. I saw the prelude Nuespeed SS kit required trimming does the Accord one require that too for the 6gen. I want a new SS kit but not if I have to sacrifies my console or shift boot.
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buy another stock shifter and have it machined down and then threaded... best alternative and doesn't mess with linkage. also for 5th gens we can yank out 92-96 prelude shifter assemblies and use them to shorten ours.

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