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This thread is a must read for all Accord Members. The staff has compiled a list of threads that are asked on a daily basis. Also, there are some threads here that are really interesting in case you want to try something totally different. If you have any requests that you'd like to see on this list, send one of the moderators of this forum a PM and we'll be more than happy to put it up if it qualifies.

A Guide on How to do an H22A Swap in an Accord
JDM 92-95 H22 + 96-97 LX Accord Swap Parts Guide
Is Putting a DOHC H22 Head on SOHC F22/F23 Block Possible?
throttle body coolant bypass instructions w/ pictures
ECU chips
Exhaust sound clips
Needs me an exhaust, give me your opinions. HOT TOPIC
Intake Install
Determining What Injector Size to Get
How to do an Oil Change
Which Octane to Run
Why NOT to get Ebay crap cheapo engine parts
More reasons NOT to get Megan or OBX stuff
How to fix Loud Tapping from engine (How to do a Valve Adjustment) NEW!!!

Clutches and Flywheels FAQ
Automatic -> 5 speed
H22A Gearboxes
Adjusting the clutch

Forced Induction
Nitrous for Newbies (nitrous forum)
Turbo vs. supercharger
Engines and turbo Engine specs and turbo setups (off-site)
Accord and Turbo (Turbo Forum)
Choosing the right turbo NEW!!!

Lowering FAQ, just to get things rolling (Suspension forum)
Suspension Tuning 101: Basics and terms (Suspension forum)
Suspension tuning 101: Sway Bars (Suspension forum)
Suspension tuning 101: alignment concepts (Suspension forum)
Suspension FAQ 2.0 - Now with more marshmallows! (Suspension forum)
Review: CL Type S rear sway bar Other DIY Suspension mod's
Rear Drum to Disc Brake Conversion (56k warning)
Tire Size Calculator (Rims & Tires Forum)
OEM larger brake/rotor over hub conversion
The OFFICIAL Suspension Installation Guide

Audio/Video and Electronics
Audio links (Electronics forum)
Lost Master Key
How to reset SRS Light

Exterior Modifications
9006 to 9005 Conversion
Black/Clear housing headlights (cryogen97's diy page)

Interior Modifications
Accord Racing Seat Install (OEM Bracket)

New to Hondas? Read this FIRST
Posting pictures
Regional Forum (meets, shops, etc.)
SHO Tech Archives
Accord Forum Picture Gallery
How to Use the Search Function
Beginner's Guide 2 Performance

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