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Great grabbing ability - Chatters, can't slip at all...

Take a look at these pictures of what my ACT 6-Puck sprung clutch did to my Heavy Duty pressure plate and 12lb flywheel after only 2,000 miles.

I sent the pics to ACT and they said it "shows signs of heavy slipping." That this clutch is meant for "on/off" type of use, so they told me to change my driving habits, or change to their performance street disk. But that won't hold the torque requirements that I need.

SUCKS, had to resurface flywheel, and sand the pressure plate a little.

I just wanted to get these pics out there for anyone who was considering getting this setup to ABSOLUTELY make sure you A) don't slip the clutch, and B) make sure you need to have the 6-puck because you can't slip it at all.

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