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I Got A 03' Acura CL Types S Banged It Up A Little
Insurance Is Tryna Low Ball Me So I Think I Could Get More For It By Selling The Parts MySelf.

EveryThing On The Car Is For Sale.
The Seats A In Perfect Condition.
Engine Has 108k Miles.
Transmission Was ReBuilt By Acura At 99k Miles.
Doors And Bumpers AnyThing...!
AnyThing You Want You Can Have.
Tail Lights Are Perfect. Ohhh And It Has Navigation Too.
If You Can Get It Off The Car You Can Take It If The Numbers Are Right.

I'm Taking Cash And PayPal No Money Orders Or AnyThing Else.
I'll Ship SomeThing If The Money Is Worth The Trouble.
I'm In Jersey If We Could Meet Up That'll Definitely Be A Plus.

Just Ask For Pics And You Got It.

03' Acura CL Type S
108,000 Miles
Any Part Any Time

AIM: AcCLTypeS03
Email: [email protected]
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