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acura/honda stock rims?

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if anyone has acura/honda stock rims w/ pics 4 sale let me know b/c i wouldnt mind buying them. i want aftermarket rims but they r not my top priority right now. i figure the stock rims would look better than hub caps/wheel covers. thanx
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Might be nice to know...

1. What car YOU drive?
2. What kind of stock rims do you want?
3. Whats your $$ limit?

Civic/Integra Based models I would go with 94-95 GSR rims or 99-00 Civic SI rims...IMO...

well if i am looking for acura/honda rims that should tell u i drive an acura/honda...i drive a 96 accord 4dr. and i would like to have the acura rims that r somewhat similar to the Konig imagine rims or the 5 spoke honda rims. price range w/ out tires $200-250.
so let me know
Well yeah I know you drive a honda/acura. I'm just saying that lude/accord rims won't fit on civics and integras different lug nut pattern...geez I'm not stupid.

Also i think you're referring to the 99 GSR blade rims? Or the 94-95 GSR 5-spoke rims? Do they look like the ones in my car sig? If so those are very popular, but they won't fit your I said different lug nut.

As was said, the 94-95 5 star GSR rims are very popular, i have them, as are the 99-00 Si rims, but i dont think you'll find them for $200-250. The 99 GSR, known as the blades, or swirlies are also popular .. but check the classifides forum.
have u guys ever thought about checking someone's
?? it clearly says he's got a "96 Honda Accord".. oh well, u know how there's ppl who bitch about the search function, i bitch about this :D

lol just messin... but it is helpful... anyway, your best bet would be to check the classifieds... or you could buy some new oem wheels from different e-tailers.... i think has some decent prices.. at least last time i checked. a couple years ago, ppl were ridding their Si rims for about $300 a set w/ tires!!:eek:
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my brother is selling his prelude SI rims... they look great, any questions, e-mail me, i'll be sure to tel him.
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