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Autorox thingy on spike

they're gonna play it again so if you're reading this and dont wanna spoil it for yourself, back out and go watch.

personally, i thought it was crap but here's the breakdown of awards....
The winner is next to the titles and the nominees are below.

Maximum G: 05 Vette C6
Lotus Elise
Chevy Corvette c6
Porsche 911 Carrera S
Ferrari f-430
Dodge Viper srt-10

Real Muscle: 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500

Major Players: Ferrari Enzo

Mad Real SUV: 05 Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Cadillac Escalade
Land Rover Range Rover
Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Volkswagen Touareg

“Livin” Large Luxury Cars: Rolls Royce Phantom
Audi A8L
Maserati Quatroporte
Maybach 62
Mercedes S-Class
Rolls Royce Phantom

Top Midlife Crisis car: 99 Lamborghini Diablo Roaster

“Take it off” drop top: Ferrari 360 Spyder
Chevy Corvette C6
Ferrari 360 Spyder
Mercedes SL
Porsche Boxter S

Best Chick magnet car: Saleen S7

Tastiest Tuner: Acura RSX Type-S
Acura RSX Type-S
Honda Civic
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
Scion xB
Subaru WRX STi

Steal of a Deal: Dodge Neon SRT-4

Hottest Exotic: Lamborghini Gallardo
Ferrari Enzo
Ford GT
Lamborghini Gallardo
Mercedes SLR McLaren
Porsche Carrera GT

Most Jammin’ Truck: Dodge Ram SRT-10
Chevy Silverado
Dodge Ram
Ford F-150
Nissan Titan
Dodge Ram SRT-10

Ride of 2005: 05 Chevy Corvette C6
Chevy Vette C6
Ford Mustang
Lotus Elise
Mercedes SLK
Porsche Carrera S 911

Excuse me if i misspelled some.

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SeeMeGo said:
No Acura Nsx, No Supra's, No skyline..

that show is rigged :aww
Might have to do with the fact that none of those are made anymore, except the NSX which is now grossly outdated and overpriced.

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SeeMeGo said:
No Acura Nsx, No Supra's, No skyline..

that show is rigged :aww

lol, riiiiight, are any of these sold new in the US? with the exception of the NSX, which is veeery long in the tooth anyway, the other two aren't even sold here. (note present tense for those claiming you can purchase used examples of the supra and skyline)

I'm not saying these are not nice cars or even great cars for what they are. But they don't fit any of those categories.

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Did anyone really expect Carol Shelby not to win an award at that show?

If you did ur on the same pipe that got an RSX-S to top both Evo and Sti

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Acura RSX Type-S Named 'Tastiest Tuner' at 'AutoRox' Awards

Acura Sports Coupe Honored on Spike TV's Hot New Awards Show

Torrance, Calif. 02/02/2005 -- The 2005 Acura RSX Type-S drove away with the "The Tastiest Tuner of 2005" award at the first-ever "AutoRox," a nationally-televised auto awards show airing on Spike TV, January 25th. Hosted by Carmen Electra and Joe Rogan (of "Fear Factor" fame), "AutoRox" honored and celebrated America's passion for the automobile.

In addition to the RSX, "AutoRox" handed out awards in a dozen other categories, with winners ranging from the Ferrari F360 Spider to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

The "Tastiest Tuner of 2005" award marks another accolade for the RSX, which has carved a solid niche within the important "tuner" market and has won an assortment of industry awards since 2002. Available in two distinct models - the sporty RSX and the high-performance RSX Type-S - the RSX serves as an important point of entry for the brand, introducing performance enthusiasts to the Acura line-up of performance luxury vehicles.

In addition to the "AutoRox" award, the RSX was previously named to Car and Driver's "10Best,"'s " Most Wanted Coupe Under $25,000,"and one of Ward's "10 Best Engines." With a high-performance i-VTEC engine, abundant luxury features, a racing-inspired cockpit and aggressive styling, the RSX has set a bold standard of driving excitement and refinement in the sports coupe segment.
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