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I am posting this several places and thought perhaps someone here might be interested in the engine -

I finally got around to having another engine put into my '93 Vigor.
I had originally planned to pull & rebuild the engine I had, but ran
out of time. Is anyone interested in it the old engine? If so, here
is a little more information:

I had 118k miles on the car when I started to "lose" the engine. The
short story is my spouse was driving way more miles than I realized
in a new school program and I let the oil changes go too far - I
think over 9k miles between changes and it started to make a
loud "knocking" sound. She shut it down quick so it didn't lock up
and die. I started it twice more (later on - separate times) for
about 10 seconds each so 2 different professional mechanics could
listen and tell me what they thought - they each said "rod bearings
are going".

I wanted to rebuild it, but ran out of time and now am not sure I
want to hang onto this since I already went ahead and put another
engine in it. Is anyone interested in it? It is in the Nashville, TN
area and sitting nicely waiting for someone to make her run again. ;-

You should also know that I purchased a used engine "Direct from
Japan" from Nippon Motors on the West Coast somewhere (California?)
and the mechanic had to change several parts out from the old to the
new like the intake & exhaust manifolds, a pulley, possibly the
distributor(?) and maybe another thing or two. I mention that so
anyone interested has as accurate a picture of this as possible. I
am guessing the head is fine, though I haven't pulled it.

Is there any interest out there? If so, I'd love to hear from you.
It just seems very "WRONG" to think about taking this to the salvage
yard to be melted down...!

Let me know if interested -

Tennessee Bubba (whose '93 GS is runnin' like a Bandit again!)
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