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I have found a Vigor for a decent price. is there anything about them? I got some good info about Legends from some of you guys and that saved me some money but i know nothing about Vigor's except they are 5 cyl and are pretty nice. Any help we be greatly appreciated.

Acura Vigor - 1992-1994
-176hp/170ft lbs. 5cyl 20v SOHC
-5spd man. or 4spd auto
-they're heavy cars at 3200lbs
-0-60= 8.6 1/4= 16.6

More Info Here - Click Me

wow, i thought this acura vigor is nothing but it is true. Well forgive me for bumping this thread. I was just looking for second hand acura in here to be given to my son for this 21st bday. but since this are heavy cars i think it will just give me pain in the arse for bad mileage. lol. my son just told me wants something that can be setup for drag racing what a bad boy. so i think i will just look for the legend not the vigor. anyway if you know someone here you sells acura legend also acura parts because we will be tuning it up, let me know. thanks. peace out! :number1
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