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Acura gave us the official first look at its new ZDX Concept, a four-door coupe crossover thingy, at the New York Auto Show today. And, well, it’s not exactly what we would call beautiful.

The real-life proportions of the car make it look distinctively different from the BMW X6, even though original teaser photos from Acura gave us that impression.

While a concept, the ZDX is slated for production and will be on sale later this year. An Acura rep told us that the production model will be "extremely close" to what was shown today.

The ZDX will be powered by a V6 engine and will use Acura's SH-AWD technology. A six-speed automatic will be standard, although according to the Acura press release it will be a "sequential" unit - which could mean a quick-shifting double-clutch style system.

Also included on the production car will be the panoramic glass roof, a multi-view rear view camera and a blind spot monitoring system. Style elements include hidden rear door handles and exhaust pipes that are integrated intot he rear bumper - both firsts for Acura.

The ZDX is a car that defies categories, with coupe styling, four-doors and the functionality of a crossover SUV.

Surprisingly, despite the ZDX's less-than-massive size, it will slot in above the MDX in the Japanese luxury carmaker's lineup.

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