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I bought a wireless adapter two monthes ago, and when I got it, I thought it was really worth my money. It works well with my Civic, no issues so far!
In the past, I have to take my phone out of my pocket and plug it in every time I get in the car, then take it off and put it back in my pocket every time I get out, it becomes a hassle. Now obviously, I installed the adapter in the center console, so its totally out of view and connects perfectly. No need to take the extra step to plug it in, it can sit in your pocket. Or, if you leave the phone is a bag, you don't have to fish it out. lol.
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The interesting thing is that everything is running on the adapter itself and my iPhone is merely a data source. I can download any APP I want on my car stereo, so pretty excited!!!
Can you imagine how cool it is when my girlfriend and I lie in the car and watch a passionate movie?:cool:
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I am happy with my purchase. This is really convenient, the key is that the adapter can also charge my iPhone, god this really fascinated me!
I just want to share the joy with you. It's definitely worth it! Highly recommended! If you are interested, you can try it.
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