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Adjusting Idle 98 Civic DX

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Trying to find where you adjust the idle on the motor - I know how to do it - but I can't freaking locate it - does anyone know where abouts on the block is the idle adjuster? Thanks -
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I have the same problem on my D16Y7. I skimped and bought the Haynes manual which has gotten me pretty far (mixed with common sense) but I can't find the idle adjust screw. I shoulda got a HELMS!!!
i'm pretty sure you can adjust the idle with the thing u push in the engine to rev. its like a mini turbine looking thing with a wire and then a couple of bolts and more wire going towards your pedals. thats what i used the change my idle...pretty sure itll work.
what ur talking about is the throttle cable adjuster has to nuts connecting the cable which u can tighten or loosen
No I know there's an idle adjust screw somewhere, tightening the throttle cable isn't the correct way to adjust it. I just can't find the damn screw. I've tried em all.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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