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advance timing

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i have a 95 honda civic dx how exactly do i advance the timing?
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cam timing: buy an adjustable cam gear

ignition timing:
1. start engine
2. loosen the 3 bolts holding the distributor to the engine (sorry, don't have a pic)
3. rotate counterclockwise (to advance)
you probably shouldn't do it more than honda specs allow. besides, this really won't make much of a difference.
does the whole distributor rotate on some centralized point, or does it pivot on a single bolt acting as an axis?

on that thread, it says if done correctly, you'll get some more pep in the high range... is there a trade off in the low end?
i did this mod on my 99 ex and i have noticed more power througout the whole power band. especially when i have to go uphill i have a lot more torque.
i would definately do this mod. just follow the direction on that thread and you should be all good. and the distributor car rotates on a central axis it doesnt pivot on a bolt. just turn it towards the firewall but no more than 8mm. i was only able to turn mine 4mm cause thats as far as it would go. your car may let you go 8mm.
you won't get gains through the entire rpm range.... advancing timing helps low end torque, retarding it helps high end torque. you won't get both. and what you do get won't be much, if you feel any difference at all after doing this trust me, it's a placebo effect.
no its not a placebo effect. placebo would mean its all in your head, but trust me, its not. you may not get that much more added power but you will get enough to notice it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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