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Advise please

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I have a 1994 integra ls with 87,xxx miles on the stock motor, I want a turbo, but should I wait and swap in a different motor to run with a turbo or put a turbo on my LS motor. I want a greddy turbo by the way, and would like to try to keep the $$ amount low. With a good set up... What should I look into, and how much will it cost me ???
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just curiuos, why only greddy? greddy turbo kits are very expensive. if you are concerned with cost just get a custom turbo. as long as you do it rigth its cheap and works well.
I guess I want something that is trustworthy, and that will last. Greddy is one of the best in that respect...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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