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AEM CAI Is it just me or...

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Sup all, im on my second integra now and im just startin to order stuff for it. anyway to make a long story short is it just me or did aem shrink their cai or what. a couple of months ago my boy across the street brought his and i thought well maybe they make em smaller for the new integras (hes gotta 2001) and i used to have a 95. well i got a 94 now and i got mine in yesterday and it half the size of my old one. why the change and is there any difference in hp also compared to the older one.

holla :sleep:
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Same or different size how?

Length of tubing?
Diameter of Tubing?

Be clear also if you have the correct part number for your CAI when pertaining to your car model. Which model car do you have? Maybe the item # was shipped to you incorrectly or maybe your friend has the wrong intake installed.

I have seen some guys with a larger 3" diameter CAI installed on their 60mm TB thinking that they will get better performance or more HP. this is INCORRECT.

Just think about it. The car will adjust itself to easier and higher airflow BUT, It can only ingest a certain amount of air at a time. If the ECU is Not remapped or reprogrammed for higher airflow and or a different TB and Intake manifold and whatever else you may need to do this, then the car will just have a larger pipe hanging on while doing nothing any better for itself or performance wise.

Good luck,

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