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I have a few thing just lying around in my garage for sale. I have an AEM EMS Stand alone engine management that I only plug in twice to see all the bells and whistles. This unit will fit 92-95 Honda/Acura and 96-01 with conversion harness. I only have one problem there is noone within 200 miles to tune it, I will trade this unit for a Hondata S200 stage 3b or a S200 with boost and dataloging and cash, or you can buy it for $875 shipped. I have some other Items for sale:

GSR Cams $75+ shipping
New Greedy 60mm whitefaced A/F meter with lean warning light and memory recall $200 shipped
MVM 9psi stepper pulley (JRSC)for 99-00 Civic SI $75 shipped
2000 ITR CD Player with code $75+shipping

Contact me at [email protected]
I am Paypal certified
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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