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aem fuel rail/fpr/fp gauge

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ok here's my problem.....ive installed an aem fuel rail and a b&m fuel pressure regulator and i just got a fuel pressure gauge which screws into the fuel rail right next to where the fpr mounts, there's a bolt that i need to remove with an allen wrench, but for the life of me i cant get the damn thing out.....i dont see how, but is there some stupid step that im missing? please tell me if so and i'd really appreciate any and all suggestions! thank you

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i know which one you are talking about.
it will come out with some strength.
Make sure you use perhaps a carbide/titanium or some sort of hard tool....cause if your using some crap kind it will just strip the bolt.
fixed it

hey thanks guys for the help! what i did was took the gauge i had, put it nicely back in the package, returned it and got one that mounts on the fuel filter, replacing the banjo nut where you would usually relieve pressure if u were going to do any work that involved fuel......but now i got a new question....i hook up the new gauge but now have NO IDEA what the stock fuel pressure i could know where to go from to get the best is a list of my mods so maybe people can suggest fuel pressure #'s for me to try...

DC DAC short ram intake
DC 4-1 JDM header
custom cat back
Skunk 2 intake manifold
DINAN CPU reprogram

i would think that atleast the last 2 mods would make a significant reason to up my fuel pressure....but, to what ???
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