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hey i got a bunch of items i need to get rid of, cleaning out the basement and such.

set of 16x7 silver Konig Maxxim 178 rims, great shape with Kumho 712's, 204/40/16, camber wear but still good shape---$600 OBO

94+ Teg AEM front rotor (silver) setup, used for 2 months, almost mint condition with all hardware. also EBC Green Stuf pads which were used with these rotors only---$350 shipped, +$20 with pads.

2, 16x7 Primax 618 rims, almost mint condition, racing use for 4 weekends, minor scratches---$160 for both

2, 205/45/16 Nitto 555R tires, currently mounted to and used with the above rims for 4 weekends, lots of tread left---$160 or $300 for the tires and wheels together. no shipping.

Energy Susp. bushings for Civ/Teg rear trailing arm, brand new, Mfg#16.7106G--- $80 shipped

D series Exedy clutch disc, brand new, Mfg.#HCD-802U---$80 shipped

stock GSR IM (no sensors), stock valves, cam gears, rods w/ pistons---great condition

D16Z6 TB--no sensors
D15B7 TB--no sensors
D16Z6 cam w/ gear, valvecover, IM, fuel rail and power steering pump, crank pulley with key, fuel pump, Exh. Man. collector bracket, filter to rail fuel line

3, P06 ECU's (D15 5speed)
D16Z6 coolant passages/thermo housing with sensor
00 ITR inner valvesprings, 8K on them and all 16---$50 shipped
D15 tranny, 5 speed 150K but works fine.
D15 entire motor w/ tranny and harness, 83K and great shape---$400 OBO
D series AC pump, condensor and radiator
D series under hood AC setup w/ lines
D series axles, one is new
D15B7 rear stock muffler section, great shape for hatchback
2, 13" steelies for Civic with good tires
stock Civic shifter and shift knob
B18B1 stock rods and pistons, great shape and cleaned up
B18B1 block, no crank and oil pan damaged but most parts there
94+ Teg right clear corner lense, used
MSD D15 ignition wires, used but excellent condition--$30

if no price mentioned then please make an offer.
PREFERED if local in the PA, NJ or so area. i would like everyone to see the stuff before they buy and i don't like to ship stuff unless it's a smaller item so i'm willing to drive or meet up.

if interested please email me at [email protected]


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just wanted to add i got a set of excellent condition 5th Gen. Civic seats in Gray. nothing special but only want $50 for the pair if anyone is local enough and needs a replacement pair.

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Do you have any interior parts for sale off of the Integra??? I need the rear plastics from the back seats to the trunk.
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