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Ok, its been a few weeks since I've had my AEM short ram installed and overall I love it. The engine feels slightly quicker and seems to rev easier.
The noise isn't as loud as I thought it might be and the wrrr sound when I punch it is subtle.

The install went fine except for one point which I'll talk about in a minute. Went ahead and removed the factory resonator. Was alot easier than I thought as it was already missing the front, hard to reach bolt near the front of the bumper so I only had 2 bolts to remove from the side. The AEM tube bolted right up and the mounting bracket was in just the right place. Connected the valve cover line to the intake and capped the two lines on the resonator solenoid (removed all the resonator stuff but didn't like the idea of the solenoid electrical connecter sitting there exposed).
Also capped the line coming from the factory intake to the starting air valve as the AEM doesn't have a fitting for that.

That was my only problem.

AEM supplies a small foam filter that is designed to go over the fitting on the starting air valve and has an adendum with the instructions that goes over this.
My instructions didn't have this adendum.
This is one vacuum line that needs to be un-capped. By capping it my engine would surge at low rpm and that made things difficult to drive slowly like you would in say a parking lot. Also had a strange pop sound when I punched it which I originally thought was the plastic end of the air filter flexing as the engine was revved but it went away when I but the foam filter on instead.

I might try the Injen cold air extension at some point to see how well it bolts up to the AEM short ram as a conversion. Like the idea of being able to go from cold air to short ram during bad weather.
However, the short ram was no cost to me so it was the best option.
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