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how much on average do these cost....what kinda horse power am i looken to it costy to have these installed?...

also whats a good short shifer to get, should i get a brand name or 1 on ebay for like $ 1 know ne brand name ones thar are good but under like $100 and are those expensive to have installed?..

i was looking at this short shifter Edge Pro

Civic 88-00/Acura Integra 90-00/Del Sol


and AEM true pullys for $160.00 and im not sure what these usualy cost ect so i was just writing to see if ne 1 knows places that are cheaper ect...
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o yea and what do adjustible cam gears do.....
Power pulleys are not cheap to get. They're always going to be over $100. But unorthodox has a 3 piece which includes a crank pulley also. Pretty koo. A lil bit more money... i heard you get a decent amount of horse from it.
Short shifter, i love my DC sports... only about 60 bux on ebay. Most brands are around 60 on ebay.
cam gears... they adjust your timing... retards or advances it... the same exact thing that moving your distributor does... they're a complete waste of money unless you have some built stuff in ur motor such as cams, or are turbo charged...
i bought my car with some tiny stuff done to it. cross drilled rotors, strut bars etc. but i dunno if i have a short shifter or not. or a short throw shifter. whatever. the shifter sits low enough in which i can rest my forarm on the arm rest thngy. it seems like a pretty short throw. but then again, when i test dove a sol at dealer, it felt the same way. how do i tell if it is or not. and if so what other companies makes good shifters? just trying to compare
well, do you have a friend with a short throw shifter? if you do, try it out.. if it's an even shorter throw than yours, than u know u have a stocker. Another good hint is if your shift lever is black. Some shift kits out there are black too, so you never know. But yeah... check it out.
when i took my panels out it was all chromy shiney. but i dunno :p maybe i should just buy a kit and if it makes no difference, whats the loss? i can always try and resell on ebay
Vietsol said:
Short shifter, i love my DC sports... only about 60 bux on ebay. Most brands are around 60 on ebay.

i heard it was bad to used those short shifters, do you grind ur gears more often now? is it harder to get into gears? any side effects? please let me know as i always wanted a shorter throw. thanks
nope. I've tried 6 different types of aftermarket short shifters. There are ones that cause you to scrape and miss gears. These are the cheap $30 shifters. The reason for this is the connection point from the shift lever to the shift linkage. The cheapoz have just all metal bearings. This is very stiff and makes so you have to be more accurate with your shifts. The good ones out there, such as DC, skunk, and all those other people recommend actually have a polyurethane bushing bearing. This creates flexibility and is a lot more forgiving than the other shifters. It'll feel the same as stock shifter if not better. That's the difference.
vietsol- i am looking into skunk2 short shifter, which one should i get: dual bend or single bend? will they both work? whts bend are stock on a delsol?

geebus...i've grinded into second countless times and its hell hard to get into reverse. like seriously, i feel like i'm braking something in my car (having to pull the shifter back with both hands) i always thought it was my synchro (or maybe its both) doesnt neuspeed make ss's? how are they ranked?
yeah, neuspeed makes short shifters too. You're going to want a single bend. They are shorter in length. If you get the double bend, the length will actually be a good 2 inches longer than the stock shifter. Believe me, i've tried. ^_^ well, get the shifter that's made for 93-97 del sol as well as 98-00 ITR. It's the same shifter, and it's pretty awesome. Don't get a cheapo.
well, i just orderd the skunk2 doublebend, i cam acrose a "how to install shortshifter" a while ago but cant locate it now, can someone post the link.

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