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Hey cat daddy's

I am doing a f to h swap in an accord. I purchased an aftermarket intake manifold (venom), and have no instruction on how this thing is gonna work. I have been a mechanic for 13 years, so I can comprahend the appropriate terminolagy..... though I cannot spell worth a crap. I have never worked on hondas, other than a head swap, other than that, fords and chevys only. I wanted a new challenge, so I started this project. I guess my questions are:

What am I supposed to do with the iac motor, there is not a location on the new intake for it, unless I am missing something?

I figure I can put the air temp sensor someplace in the breather box, or cold air intake plumbing or something like that

It looks like the egr valve goes on the end of the intake flange, so no worries there.

I assume that the fuel pressure regulator goes on the end of the fuel rail.

(by the way, I am just posting what I assume, but we all know what assume stands for, so please correct me if I am wrong)

looks like the break booster vacume line, pcv, and a few other things can hook to the back of the intake.

I know that I am forgetting something, so if someone thinks of what I am forgetting let me know.

Anyone know where I may get some literature, or if you have an instruction booklet, could ya scan and email to me.

Thanks a bunch for the help
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