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hey can anybody give me some links for a ride ride suspension.
for a 2002 honda civic ex

why does your front wheels on any air rides.
Sit kinda of side ways? kinda dont like that..
but could that be fix or its just the way it is?

Have molding all the way around my body on my civic
front fenders thru side skirts to my rear bumper.
Could I install my tank under neith my bumper?
I've seen it done on a accord.
If I put a slapp (sound system) like 2 10s. dont wanna pack much weight.
will my tank rattle if I put it in my trunk or under neith my bumper?

What are some bad things about a air ride suspension?

I want to put baggs cuz I sit dummy low
bout 4 fingers off the ground. & there are times where I wanna drive 2 certain
places but I cant. cuz i'll scrape my side skirts or rear or my muffler.
Constantly side wayz everywhere.

but could labor be done yourself?
or there are certain things you couldnt do yourself?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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