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is it possible to put airbag suspension on a 91 crx? i thought it would be something different that not many people have around here. also, where would i be able to get these kits? the only ones i have seen so far have been for trucks, not sport imports. thanks alot in advance.
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why o why would u do anything like that to a rex its a crx for gods sakes
Yes, you can. I think you can use bags, or rods, whatever... Bags are fun... but on a CRX, ehh, I dont like it. Just my opinion though, do what you want, be yourself, dont listen to us.
if you want bags...get a s10. If you want to lower your crx, get coilovers n' shocks
you cant use airbag suspensions on honda' gotta use cylinders....same principle. here's a site w/ kits....

I would personally build my own kit, but that's me....

lemme know if ya have any other questions..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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