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Aladdin 2000 car alarm

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what up boyz,

Ok so I got a Aladdin 2000 from my friend, but I can't find much info. about on the net. So I wanted to know if anyone had any info. about, knows anyone that has it, etc. Its supposed to be a phat alarm, its got an LCD screen, pager, auto started, keyless entry. Also, how come the new techology of the LCD alarms with pager isn't big yet???
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Please dont tell me you are installing this pos alarm on your car
Do some real research on it. I have explained this topic before. Feel free to do a search and learn. I will put it this way: My 4 year old neice could figure out how to disarm it!
I have done some research, not much to find on the net though. I have had a few postings on ************ and honda-acura, and recieved a few people's opinions. I have gotten mixed opinions, a lot of people say its really good, or bad. But I have never heard any stats or anything like that. I have a piece of shit audiovox alarm right now, only keyless entry, so i figured i got this alarm for free, and the install is only $100 through connection, so i said why not. I think when i get more money, i am just going to buy a VIPER 550. The aladdin has to be better than what i have on my car now. Plus the auto starter is key, nice for hot/cold days. What do you think?
Anything is better than nothing, period. I am in the security field, so I know some things. Let me review a little history of the Aladdin alarm system.

It was produced over in Japan about 10 years ago, and is very popular over there. It is a very crappy built system. The quality is not there. The basic idea of the alarm was to make a quick dollar. Thieves can disarm THAT alarm in 10 secs. It does nothing to protect your vechile. I like to stick w/name brand companies who are established in the USA. That doesnt mean you need a $1500 alarm or Lojack. It is all about layers of protection. Face it, nothing protects us 100%, it is just a deterence

i hope this will help you and others understand a littel better.
that is useful info. I am glad that i know that. Like i said, its better than nothing, and I know every car is stealable. And I do have layers of protection, I agree with you in that....i have club for e-break/gear shift, and the club that goes to the foot break. Plus, I got this alarm for free, so it doesn't hurt my wallet. Once, I get some $$, I will probably end up getting a Viper550 just cause its DEI approved and name is good and top of the line. Anything else I should know about the Aladdin?
Umm, dont tell anyone you know you got it! I am being serious, thieves love this alarm.
if i were you... i'd get a gun; screw the alarm... alarms are pointless. all an alarm is worth is that it's convenient for the person to lock/unlock the doors w/o having to use the key. once they go off, your hood is already popped & the wires to the horn are cut. almost every alarm has a kill switch w/ it but i don't know how the get pasted that one though.

mayb try getting the AutoLock?
I have the alarm. Don't install it even though it's free. This alarm is a POS:mad: I spend almost 600 dollars total on this. Most of the functions don't work. Pager paint chips off. Not loud enough. Now, the car doesn't even goes off when you tap it. Only thing I like about it is the remote start and the screen. Girls be asking about the pager. I say stock is better than this.
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