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alcooHolic JUN Civic vs Turbo VW(top speed race)

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Hi everyone, this race took place here in Brazil and the tuner of the VW said that a 4 banger All Motor would never beat a turbo, he said that IF the civic wins it would be 4 cars lenght at max!!! The VW is 2.0, runs alcoohol to and uses 12PSI. The Civic passed in front of the camera at 260km/h!!! Check it out!!! X Turbo Santana_0..36_HIGH QUALITY.wmv
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Its a slow download, but dam that was embarassing to get beaten that bad.
Who the hell won? I couldnt even see the cars
Thats one slow 2.0l turbo.
cant see anything..... :(
that vid took forever and it sucked!!!
95accordlx said:
Who the hell won? I couldnt even see the cars
Are you used to All Motor and Turbo noises??????????????? The one in front is the All Motor Civic, check this other video of the cluster and you`ll see how fast it is!!!! Ponteiro_0..31_LOW QUALITY.wmv
damnnnnn slow dl and 7.7 megs for 36 secs. Your car is bad though man you embarassed his ass.. props :tu
moushomy said:
Download is tooooo slow.
I agree.
not worth the download, can't see anything either, and seems like the VW got off of it neways.
slow ass download ill reply after it dls
nice civic i would just part my vdub if i put that kinda money in one and it sucked that bad
That All motor sounds clean. He sure knows how to keep it krunk :number1
The speed problems is yours conecction, i live in South america and i can download it at 100 kb. with no problem.

Nice NA sound :clap
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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