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Alfa Romeo Dream Car to be Unveiled

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Alfa Romeo Dream Car to be Unveiled
Feb 22, 2002 - Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro have two urgent problems to solve before the opening of the Geneva Motor Show. First is to make sure the dream-car they are working on is completed on time to make it to Geneva before it is too late for its unveiling. The second is to make a decision about its name. This might appear as a detail but it is not. You simply can’t give any name to a new baby that – no matter what – appears as the ultimate beauty to its parents.

The ultimate show car from the Giugiaros of ItalDesign will give thousands of Alfa Romeo enthusiasts something to dream about. A dream that will be made true if the public reaction can convince the newly appointed AR management to bring it to production stage. Italdesign has designed and engineered the prototype to demonstrate its full feasibility.

The Alfa Romeo 'proposition' is for a top class Gran Turismo banking on an all-new Alfa Romeo V8 powerplant that displaces “more than 4000cc” and is due to effortlessly deliver some 400 HP or more. The engine sits in mid-front position, according a classic front-engine-rear-wheel-drive racing type layout, with the engine moved towards the centre of the car to balance weight distribution on front and rear axle.

The body architecture is that of a classic 2+2 seater configuration, where the rear 2 seats are nominal and good enough to take two children to school…on Sundays.

The style is simply gorgeous. Italdesign has had a love affair with Alfa Romeo since it was established. One of their first show cars was the 8 cylinder Iguana, built on the chassis of a racing Alfa Romeo 33, then came the Alfasud and its “Caimano” show car development. More recently Italdesign also created the spectacular Alfa Romeo Scighera.

Like the Scighera the latest show car from Italdesign is based on a racing type chassis with the bodywork entirely made of carbon fiber composite. The interior design, still being finalised, is said to be up to the highest standards of the house of creative design.

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Is this a preview of a future exotic Alfa?

Italdesign-Giugiaro's Alfa Romeo concept 2+2 coupe is a likely star of the Geneva auto show. Despite its distinctive Alfa Romeo look, the car is more of a Maserati underneath.

Designer Giorgetto Giugiaro was given complete freedom to design this high-performance coupe, but Fiat Auto contributed heavily to the mechanicals.

The car's unconventional layout mounts the engine behind the front axle and puts the transmission and rear differential at the rear of the car - just like the new Maserati Spyder and Coupe.

In addition, the concept coupe's 48-valve V-8 engine has the same 90-degree angle as the engines in the new Maseratis. The coupe's engine has 10cc more displacement than the Maseratis' 4,244cc. The coupe uses the same six-speed electro-hydraulic sequential command transmission that Alfa calls Selespeed, Ferrari calls F1 and Maserati calls Cambiocorsa.

It's not a coincidence. Fiat is considering launching a new high-performance Alfa sports car with Maserati mechanicals that would be aimed at North America, Japan and Germany.

Giugiaro's new Alfa is not compact in size at 4390mm, 1890mm wide and 1290mm high. But its cabin is only intended for two adults in front and two children behind.

Like other exotic Italian cars, the coupe features scissor doors that open vertically.

Said Giugiaro: The doors are the only show-car detail that "we designed and engineered - including a pre-feasibility study - with production in mind."
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i must say that it reminds me of the Saab 93X concept, none the less, it looks great. And the technology seems to be coming along, good job
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