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Alignment = tires squealing more?

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I went in for an oil change and let the dealer talk me into the "7,500-mile service", which included tire rotation and alignment. Now, whenever I take turns a little fast (with the traction control disengaged :D), the tires squeal about twice as much as I'm accustomed to! It's kind of disconcerting to hook a left and draw all these hateful stares from the pedestrians.

I also notice that the tires have more of a tendency to spin a little and then hook up with very little noise, if I gun it from a standstill. Ordinarily they would chirp very easily. (Not that I mind getting a little better traction!)

Was I just WAAAY out of alignment or what? :confused:
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yah, like he said your tire pressure is probably off. my guess is that it is too low and thats why you are getting better traction off the line but also it causes your tires to squeal a little more in the turns. thats why people lower their tire pressure a lil bit when they go to the strip, since off the line traction is important but handling doesnt matter.
what is the proper (mostly used) tire pressure?

i have a 17 x 7.5 wheel with 225/45/17 tires... i think the pressure was like 40?:confused:
the dealer doesnt align your car at the 7500mi service
they just rotate ur tires, oil change, lube, tighten bolts,clean brakes, etc

so ur bak tires were probably inflated more so they squeal when u take sharp turns
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