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All motor mini-me?

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Have any of you guys/gals ever seen one of these? I have seen turbocharged mini-me's and they seem to make some decent power considering its SOHC. But has anyone ever seen/heard of an ALL MOTOR mini-me engine?
If so what was on it and what kind of numbers did it pull?
Also, do you think it would even be worth the time and money? I think it would be cool to have one because its pretty unique.
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D16y8 head on D16y7 block.:D
my friend put one on his car. personally i dont think its worth it. it actually ends up burning a lot and i mean a lot of oil.
we got another d16y7 block and same results. burns up a lot of oil.
a lot of frankensteins are not too reliable. he also had a d16y8 head on the d16y7 block.
what kind of motor do you have?
Mini-Me's can also use D16A blocks and D16Z6 heads.

or the y5 head on the y7 block. im workin on that one
why would doing a head swap make the engine burn more oil? aren't the d16y7 and d16y8 just about the same except for the tec and if i am not mistaken, the compression ratio? it's just what i think, but i could be wrong.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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