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okay guys two days ago i installed a fidanza 3.2 clutch kit and a flywheel..

when i wanna drive the car from zero.. the car vibrates like helll till i remove my foot from the clutch ... and a lil bit of vibration while removing my foot from the clutch when its in second gear and thats it ..

the garages and all say its normal .. :confused

i hate it alot .. alot of vibration during 1st and 2nd gear..the engine just goes back and forth with some noise.. im sure something will break ..

the engine mounts are fine .. but i gota get rid of the vibration cause i really hate the car right now ..or else ill remove the clutch and just install the original one :noo

there is a 500 mile break in for the clutch .. i cant floor it or anything now i gotta break that 500 mile.. some people told me that the vibration will be more after the clutch and the flywheel work well..and some say the it wont

i need help ..why is it like this and is there a way to solve it
help is needed
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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